11.11.2011     Operational Information about Pendik-Constanta RoRo Service

We have announced that Pendik-Constanta Roro service will start on Saturday, November 19th 2011. Please find below details about departures, arrivals, parking area and customs procedures.



  • U.N Ro-Ro’s Constanta shipping agency is Team Chartering and Shipping Services Co. SRL and will provide support for all trucking companies. The terminal operator is DYNALOG SRL located in CFR Ferry Terminal and the customs agent is Container Clearance Services. Please find below their contact information.


  • Constanta Shipping Agency Team Chartering and Shipping Services Co. SRL :


    • Agency:           Team Chartering and Shipping Services Co. SRL
    • Address:          Soseaua Mangaliei, Nr22

Agigea, 907015

Constanta, Romania

    • Telephone:       + 40 241 73 73 30/31/32/33/34
    • Fax:                 + 40 241 73 73 35
    • Contacts:         Mr Tiberius Tudoran     (Agency)

                             Mr Ciprian Preda          (Agency)

                             Mr Erchin Osman         (Terminal Representative)




  • Terminal Operator at Port of Constanta DYNALOG:


    • Address:          Dynalog S.R.L.

Sediul social: Port Constanta Sud Agigea, Cladirea CMA, Birourile nr. 04A si 05A , jud. Constanta

    • Telephone:       + 40 724 46 60 85
    • Fax:                 + 40 241 48 53 10
    • Contacts:         Mr Chengiali Taner       (Terminal Operation Representative )

Mr. Bogdan Iancu        (Terminal Representative )







  • “Container Clearance” Services will be responsible for completing  customs procedures. Their contact details are:   
    • Agency:           Container Clearance Services
    • Address:          S.C. CONTAINER CLEARANCE SERVICES S.R.L.

Sediul social: Port Constanta Sud Agigea, Cladirea CMA, Birourile nr. 04A si 05A , jud. Constanta

    • Telephone:       + 40 24148 53 09
    • Fax:                 + 40 24148 53 10
    • Contacts:         Negoita Any-Carmen (General Manager)

Gaea Vasilica (Finance Manager)

Stefan Sorin (Transit Departmant Chief)




  • ENS notifications at Constanta line will be made on UNDnet system.
  • As it is at Trieste vessels, it will be necessary for all vehicles at Ro-Ro vessels to submit on UNDnet T1s or TIR pre-notifications incorporating ENS data.
  • The companies can submit their declarations at their offices using UNDnet and will also have the option that UNDnet staff at Pendik submits them. UNDnet declaration fees are the same as Trieste line.
  • ENS declarations need to be submitted 2 hours in advance of the arrival of the Ro-Ro vessel at Constanta port. Therefore it is very important that the documents are delivered without any missings to UNDnet staff or that the declarations are submitted by the transporters before the vehicles are boarded onto the vessel.
  • Romanian customs authorities require that HS codes are written on the invoices by all means. If there is a case that this is not possible, HS codes need to be written on the invoices by UNDnet staff and stamped by UND cachet.
  • It was notified by Romainan authorities that the reference numbers of all the accompanying commercial documents have to be declared in ENS declarations.



  • Units carrying dangerous goods must declare dangerous goods declarations form to the agency 24 hours in advance.


  • Shippers Declaration (or IMO document or IMDG document / dangerous goods form) must be sent to our Constanta shipping agency and our forwarding agency 24 hours prior to port entrance. The units will not be loaded unless the declarations are made on time.


  • There are restrictions on vessels carrying dangerous goods in the Bosphorus so in order to avoid delays Pendik-Constanta-Pendik RoRos will not carry IMDG code 1 (explosives), 2, 5.1, 5.2,6.2 and 7 (radioactive) goods.


Best regards,


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