Freight Tariffs for Pendik-Bari


Dear Customers,
We have started Pendik – Bari –Trieste calls as we have announced on 7 April 2017. Pendik departures of these calls are on Thursdays and Saturdays.
Below you may find two new implementation for this line.
Special One Way CU Tariff of 950 €
Customers can use this line one way with a tariff of 950 €, all inclusive. This special ticket will be implemented only for Bulk Ticket customers. BAF and port expenses are included in this price, customer rebates and bulk ticket discounts are excluded. BAF changes shall be applied monthly on this price and this tariff will be valid until the end of 2017.   
1 Bonus Ticket for 5 Roundtrip Tickets Promotion
Customers shall earn 1 bonus ticket for 5 roundtrip ticket on Pendik – Bari line. Customers may use this bonus ticket on Pendik – Bari (Thursday) line or Pendik – Trieste line on weekdays (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday). This promotion is valid until second announcement.
Please inform all units accordingly.
Saygılarımızla/Best Regards,

U.N. Ro-Ro İşletmeleri A.Ş.



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