Pricing of X-Ray Services In Pendik


Dear Valued Customer,
As of 01.04.2017, in accordance with the Ministry of Customs and Trade, U.N. Ro-Ro Pendik Terminal has been allocated X-Ray device for import and export operations.
As you may know, all vehicles departing from exports are scanned with our Gamma-ray device which is free of charge. Directing the vehicle to the x-ray device will be proceed by the risk analysis of the customs.

No fee will be charged from the vehicles who have a truck tractor and who may take their vessels to the X-Ray in accordance with authorized customs unit. However, the following fares tariff will be applied to the vehicles who do not have any truck tractor.

Within the scope of Pendik Port Services, starting from May 1, the haulage of semi-trailers to X-Ray device will be charged 15 Euros for customers with bulk ticket and 30 euros for customer without bulk ticket.
Please inform all your relevant units accordingly.

Best Regards,
U.N. Ro-Ro İşletmeleri A.Ş.



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